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With over 20 years experience of working with children in many different settings, they never fail to surprise me as they are interesting, challenging, fun and rewarding but sadly I am noticing an increase in child anxiety and more primarily how important and successful hypnotherapy is for these youngsters.

Children are usually very open to hypnotherapy as they have fewer misconceptions
about it than adults have. However, I am always kept on my toes as sometimes a
planned session may need to be changed at a moments notice depending on the
child's response.

Children all deserve to live a healthy life both physically and emotionally. We all strive
to keep our children safe and free from stress, anxiety, danger and fear. However, the
world through children's eyes can appear totally different to that of an adult.

Children's Anxiety

How can hypnotherapy help my child?

Common behavioural issues such as thumb-sucking, nail biting, stool-holding, bed-wetting, fears, phobias, and sleep disorders are among those which can be treated using hypnosis with children.

Adults have knowledge and experience which can be perceived as positive but sadly sometimes it can be negative. We think of children as carefree and without a worry in the world not realising that some have to deal with the internal stress and anxiety of growing up. Children often display signs of stress in different ways whether it is common tics, patterns and behaviours, most of which they will grow out of as we did ourselves.

I specialise in child anxiety and it is becoming more and more common especially after experiencing the pandemic these last few years. There are many causes for children feeling this way, the pandemic has definitely added to the many causes of this emotion in children. Hypnosis allows the root cause to be found giving remarkable results, allowing the child to live the life they deserve to live. 

Signs and symptoms of anxiety in children

● Lack of concentration
● Sleep deprivation
● Loss of appetite or unhealthy cravings
● Behaviour changes, angry, irritable often outbursts
● Negative or worrying thoughts
● Tense and unable to rest, or using the toilet often
● Tummy pains
● Nauseousness
● In extreme cases, unable to attend school regularly

The hardest step as a parent is simply acknowledging and accepting their child has an issue which as a parent are unable to resolve themselves.

Other treatments

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"I had a wonderful experience with Angie. She was professional, warm, reassuring and I felt completely at ease in her hands. I found the experience to be very enlightening and it allowed me to reflect on memories I never knew I had. I can't wait to go back."

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