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Anger is OK if expressed in the right way

Anger is ok if expressed in the right way and is a healthy device for accomplishing change and ensuring things get done or simply are being moved forward. Anger is just the way we let go of a ‘negative change’, it’s a way of showing an incensed disagreement.

The complication is repressed or suppressed anger. What I mean by that is anger that has been held back and never addressed. As a result of this, it can have a destructive impact on not only your life but on others around you. Anger has many side effects, such as lack of energy, eating disorders, depression, idleness, and misery.


When anger is at its peak it becomes uncontrollable and is rage.

There are many justifiable reasons why you may feel angry, but anger that has been bottled up and never released becomes damaging until you reach a point when you need to ask yourself if this anger is serving you in any way.

How does hypnotherapy help anger?

Hypnotherapy for anger management will look at both the root cause of your anger, together with the symptoms. This will then enable you to resolve your problem and move forward and control yourself in situations that would previously have been a trigger.

Managing suppressed anger takes an enormous amount of mental energy - this energy can be used in a more positive way in your life. Hypnotherapy frees you of cemented emotions, giving you a sense of peace, control, and wellness for your future.

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"I had a wonderful experience with Angie. She was professional, warm, reassuring and I felt completely at ease in her hands. I found the experience to be very enlightening and it allowed me to reflect on memories I never knew I had. I can't wait to go back."

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