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Blushing is no different from any other learned response

It’s often because we feel awkward or embarrassed. It is normally triggered by something external just as if someone made you scared and you were to jump involuntarily.

Blushing is our subconscious response to an event or incident and in most cases, it can be traced back to a specific trigger which is often an event or incident. The subconscious mind can have a tendency to hold on to early responses and then duplicate them in similar situations and this is when blushing can become an unwanted habit.


How does hypnotherapy help blushing?

Hypnotherapy helps you to let go of the belief or response and prevent it from repeatedly occurring. Hypnosis clears the original event which triggered the reaction. Using hypnosis I am able to program new, positive reactions to the external triggers which will then mean no more blushing.


During your session, I can make you feel more comfortable in the types of situations where you were previously prone to blushing. This will increase your confidence, assertiveness, and self-esteem.

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"At my first hypnotherapy session with Angie, I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect but within minutes of starting the session I felt totally relaxed. Angie has shown me some relaxation techniques to use which I have found extremely useful."

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