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What do people say about Angela Cain's Hypnotherapy? 

"At my first hypnotherapy session with Angie, I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect but within minutes of starting the session I felt totally relaxed. Angie has shown me some relaxation techniques to use which I have found extremely useful." Amaya

"I had a wonderful experience with Angie. She was professional, warm, reassuring and I felt completely at ease in her hands. I found the experience to be very enlightening and it allowed me to reflect on memories I never knew I had. I can't wait to go back." Aimee

"I visited Angela recently and experienced a very interesting and positive session". Ava

"I would highly recommend Angie. She will instantly put you at ease with her warm and empathetic manner. You will be in good hands." Fi

"Not smoking is a big challenge for me, Angela's approach has definitely played a massive part in me reaching this goal. Would highly recommend to all! Thank you." Maddy

"Angela, I can't thank you enough! My phobia has disappeared, I'm so grateful." Lisa

"Angela’s approach is a game changer. Her therapy sessions have put me back on track, and given me strategies. Highly recommend her to others." Zach

"Angie is a very warm and gentle therapist who has worked hard to guide me through a period of insomnia, taking the time to resolve not just the insomnia, but the root cause of it, and to help resolve these issues too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angie to anyone, her gentle approach helped me explore issues in a deeply relaxed state, which gave me a calmer, more positive outlook. Thank you Angie for your support."