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"At my first hypnotherapy session with Angie, I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect but within minutes of starting the session I felt totally relaxed. Angie has shown me some relaxation techniques to use which I have found extremely useful." AMAYA

"I had a wonderful experience with Angie. She was professional, warm, reassuring and I felt completely at ease in her hands. I found the experience to be very enlightening and it allowed me to reflect on memories I never knew I had. I can't wait to go back." AIMEE

"I visited Angela recently and experienced a very interesting and positive session". AVA

"I would highly recommend Angie. She will instantly put you at ease with her warm and empathetic manner. You will be in good hands." FI

"Not smoking is a big challenge for me, Angela's approach has definitely played a massive part in me reaching this goal. Would highly recommend to all! Thank you." MADDY

"Angela, I can't thank you enough! My phobia has disappeared, I'm so grateful." LISA

"Angela’s approach is a game changer. Her therapy sessions have put me back on track, and given me strategies. Highly recommend her to others." ZACH

"Angie is a very warm and gentle therapist who has worked hard to guide me through a period of insomnia, taking the time to resolve not just the insomnia, but the root cause of it, and to help resolve these issues too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Angie to anyone, her gentle approach helped me explore issues in a deeply relaxed state, which gave me a calmer, more positive outlook. Thank you Angie for your support."

"Seeing the benefits my daughter experienced after seeing Angie, I did not hesitate in
arranging a session to address unhealthy eating habits. The positive results were
almost immediate & I subsequently booked again to see Angie to deal with my
debilitating issues with self-confidence. The whole process from start to finish was
amazing. I was able to finally let go of historical, negative influences that have
affected my life for years, with Angie giving me the tools to deal with any reoccurring
symptoms. Hypnosis has been a life changing experience, Angie is extremely
professional & I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Angie." NESS

"I came to Angela for hypnotherapy to help me overcome and deal with anxiety. I had 4 sessions in total and in each one Angela would focus on a specific issue - alongside treating anxiety such as self confidence/esteem issues and overcoming trauma, which helped me find closure from past experiences which had impacted me negatively. Since finishing my weekly sessions with Angela, myself and people around me have seen a significant difference in me. I am much more happy now as I have moved on from the past and allowed myself to live in the present, and I have learned how to cope with anxiety using techniques that Angela has taught me in the sessions. I would 100% recommend Angela to anyone suffering with (teenage) anxiety and self confidence issues as she has helped me so much. Thank you :)" GRACIE

"We used Angela’s hypnotherapy treatment to help overcome teenage anxiety, insecurity and to build self confidence. The four sessions have been very effective with clear positive results quickly seen. We are confident that this will be long lasting, with use of the self help tools that are straight forward to learn and apply if needed. Many thanks Angela - highly recommended." ROGER

"Angie is a lovely lady, I recommend everyone to go and have a little time out. She has helped me with my stress and being anxious. Absolutely lovely lady who makes you feel ease. Thanks Ange xxx" NATALIE P

"My experience with Angela was just brilliant, she is exceptionally warm, welcoming and professional. Hypnotherapy is new for me, but she put me at ease and answered all my questions and listened, meaning I got the very most out of the treatment. The treatment itself is changing my life and helping me to tackle crippling anxiety that has dominated my life. She has helped to give me the tools to tackle it and also support a real change in how my body responds to triggers. It is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone seeking support and I have found clinical hypnotherapy has helped massively." BRYONY

"I’ve had three hypnosis sessions with Angie for sleep and anxiety. This was my first ever experience of hypnotherapy. I went with an open mind and fingers and toes crossed that it would help me. After two sessions my anxiety had completely gone. My sleep is still poor but at least when I am awake for hours I no longer feel worried or anxious about it! I’m still working on improving my sleep - possibly this is a long term thing for me. But Angie has made me feel stronger, happier and more relaxed than I have felt in so long. Angie is very professional and kind. She tunes in so well to you. She made the hypnotherapy session such a positive and uplifting experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support. Thank you Angie" LOUISE

"Absolutely fab! Angela makes the whole experience comfortable and relaxing, which is exactly what I needed as I was feeling a little apprehensive. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of advice, coping strategies or an uplifting chat.. and of course relaxation!!" ANNA C 

"I can't recommend Angie enough she completely reassured and put my daughter at ease helping with her anxiety. Angie is so calm and patient and taught some relaxing techniques that she will be able to use in the future. Angie genuinely cares about her clients and wants to do all she can to help. Thank you so much." RACHAEL

"I came to Angela for my anxiety surrounding learning to drive. She was so calming and supportive and I have found a significant change with my driving and my anxiety has become much better. A very positive experience and I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Angela." OLIVIA

"Angie was an amazing help for me and the best person I have worked with for my mental health. She made me feel at ease with every session and gave me the tools and strategies I needed to progress independently. Her personality is so infectious and would highly recommend to anyone struggling with similar mental health issues." DANIEL

"I had a few session with Angie to help with my driving anxiety. Her hypnotherapy treatment really helped me overcome my negative thinking and nerves surrounding taking the driving test. I have recently passed and without a doubt could not have done it without her help. Thank you so much, would highly recommend." MEGAN

"I would highly recommend Angie for anyone that needs to address any challenges within their lives. She made me feel completely at ease and comfortable from the outset, taking time to discuss and understand what I hoped to achieve, reviewing the progress made after each session, and always explaining the processes to me at the start so I knew what to expect. I have been enlightened by my experience working with Angie and so pleased that I took the initial steps to make contact. I know that it is something that I will revisit in the future as needed- she is amazing." SW

"I didn’t really know what to expect when my parents told me they were taking me to see Angie. They said they were doing it because my fear of spiders was getting worse and I was even having nightmares about them. I would wake up and be too scared to go back to sleep. I was very nervous and a little bit scared in case she tried to put a spider in my hand. I didn’t need to be worried at all she was so lovely and definitely wasn’t going to do anything as scary as that.

When I had the first session Angie talked through everything she was going to do in the next few sessions and made sure I understood. She let me ask lots of questions and was happy to explain things again I didn’t understand. Angie said she would help me relax but I wasn’t sure I would be able to. Somehow, she did it and I was so relaxed around her. I wondered if being relaxed and calm would help my fear of spiders and it actually helped me quite a lot.

We also looked at the calm anchor method to help me not to panic even when I looked at a photo of one. I found out later that this method also helped my nerves when I had a test, I did it and it made me much calmer and helped me focus more on the questions.

She really helped me so much, now I am not able to hold spiders but when I see one, I am much calmer and I have stopped having the nightmares I used to have about them. Thank you so much Angie."  RMH Aged 10

"We can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend Angela. My daughter was able to immediately bond with her, the working environment was very relaxing and Angela was extremely professional throughout."

"The process definitely helped improve her self esteem and confidence when dining out with friends and family as well as normal meal times. What would have caused anxiety in the past has now become really enjoyable for her. Which is lovely to see."

"My daughter had her annual review at school......The teachers were saying how most kids had come out of lock down having lost confidence and withdrawn, but my daughter seems to have done the opposite she seems much more confident and is engaging more.  So seeing you made all the difference. I'm absolutely thrilled.

"Angela we went to my Uncle's today and we went to the park - there were dogs on and off leads everywhere. Although I felt worried I used a double calming anchor and the traffic lights and managed to control my feelings. I was in the stream with my little cousin and a big black dog came bounding over to me and circled my legs. I froze still and used the calming anchor I didnt scream or cry and the dog ran off. I managed 2hrs at the park! My mum and dad and family were so proud of me they have just brought me Fifa 23 for my Nintendo Switch. Merry Christmas!"

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