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Back to Reality!

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I've noticed an increased amount of University students in Solihull suffering from extreme levels of anxiety, stress and often panic attacks.

Students from all ages have had to adapt their learning skills from a traditional classroom based session to learning independently within their own home environment, often not interacting socially with their peers. As restrictions have lifted, this has caused intense emotions that are causing some students to consider leaving their education setting with no real purpose or aspiration of what their Plan B looks like. This has been causing mental health issues amongst this generation.

With many, not only is it necessary to address their anxiety, but their confidence levels have been shattered as well as their inner self-belief. This is where Hypnotherapy can be a marvellous tool, giving tips and techniques that can be used throughout one's adult life, and not just in a therapy session.

Cognitive Reframing can help alter the way in which one looks at something, thus altering the negative experience associated with it. Using visualisation with this process can help increase confidence in young adults.

Sadly though, we can't deny that anxiety is on the rise amongst teenagers and young adults. This could be for many different reasons, due to social media, COVID, socialising, or exam pressure to name but a few. The important thing to remember here is that our children do not have to suffer.

Hypnotherapy helps reach the root cause of the problem, which in turn allows children to reach their own personal goals. As hypnotherapy can be practised where it isn’t necessary to speak about feelings, it can largely appeals to this age bracket, allowing the problem to be fixed without any need to express feelings and emotions.

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